After trying mik_os and andy572’s gingerbread roms i was not happy because of the battery drain it caused during standby. So i went back to froyo and i had no idea of flashing gingerbread again untill a version with less battery drain is released. Recently a developer named rjtchn15 released a gingerbread rom which gives excellent battery backup. I have been using his rom since 1 week and its the most stable gingerbread rom i have used so far. Developer recommends overclocking it to 480/768 with SMARTASS governer for best performance without any kernel panic. I get a neocore score of 58fps and most of the HD games run without any lag. The touchscreen feels more smooth & responsive. The new battery usage indicator in gingerbread shows a  graph of the battery usage. This will help me to detect any problematic applications or processes using battery when phone is idle. The developer has removed the post now as he wants to update the rom. I have a copy of it on my Hard drive. It needs clockworkmod recovery to be installed. I will upload this rom with installation instructions soon..