I have been using this rom since 2 weeks and i have no words to explain how good it is. It is the best unofficial gingerbread rom i have used so far.

Faster and smoother than Froyo. Battery backup is excellent compared to other gingerbread roms from Mik_os and Andy

Things you will need:

Clockworkmod recovery





1. Boot your phone in clockworkmod recovery.

clockwordmod recovery

2. Wipe data/factory and cache partition

clockwordmod recovery

3. In the advanced menu wipe Dalvik cache and Battery stats

clockwordmod recovery

4. Format /sdcard and then mount USB storage. Now copy the rom to the sdcard

format sd clockwordmod recovery

5. Finally choose install from sdcard and choose the rom. After installing rom install gapps.

clockwordmod recovery

6. Thats it. Reboot your phone and enjoy this version of gingerbread.

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