Download GingerBreak v1.20

Works on any version of Froyo (2.2 / 2.2.1 / 2.2.2)

1. Enable USB debugging on your phone by going to Settings –> Applications –> Development. Check the ‘USB Debugging’ option.

2. Install gingerbreak to device, NOT SD card

3. You need to have an SD card formatted. In Settings -> SD card and phone storage there is an option to format the sdcard. You first have to unmount the sdcard before you can format it.

To format via Windows. Open Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive, choose Format, and select exFAT under File system. After formatting unplug USB cable.

4. Open GingerBreak select the root device option and wait for a few minutes if everything goes fine then your phone will reboot automatically. If it doesn’t reboot even after 15 min then pull out the battery and contact the developer

5. Always reboot between root attempts!

6. After successful root you will see a SuperUser app in your app drawer after the reboot. Open it and see if it is working.